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Embodying the Wealthy Woman

A practical & interactive masterclass to release and align, emotionally + energetically,  so you can embody your desires NOW.

-  Now only 4 spaces Available - 18/12/2020 , 7pm London time


When it comes to manifesting your desires, emotional & energetic alignment are everything. 'What' you do, doesn't matter nearly as much as the energy from where your actions are coming. We believe that the personal development & manifestation world tends to miss vital elements, while at the same time overcomplicating things.

In this 2hour masterclass, Holistic psychologist Isabelle Ysebaert will be guiding you through the mind-blowing (yet simple) release & alignment technique,

while Reiki Master + Intuitive, Heidi Miller will be working on your energy  & give a personal intuitive reading. This class provides practical tools that then becomes yours, immediately applicable every day.

What to expect
-Teaching & guidance through the emotional release, alignment & embodiment technique
-Personal Intuitive Reading to pick up your blind spots
-Receiving 1h of reiki energy to deepen your release
-Recording, to use the technique at your own discretion

Why + background
After 10 years of research & questioning in the holistic healing world & its endless concepts, Msc. Psychologist Isabelle today practices & teaches this one technique every day. This is litterally the only technique you’ll need to bring your desires into life. If you do 1 thing, let it be this. It elegantly combines trauma-work with quantum physics, in the most practical, straightforward way.

You don’t need to ‘rewire’ your beliefs, you don’t need to be perfectly ‘healed’, it doesn’t need to take ages, you don’t need to know what exactly is holding you back, or disentangle every single trauma. You can manifest NOW, if you get to embody ENOUGHNESS within all your imperfection NOW. Aligning with the truth of who you are... All you need, is the willingness to let go, practice emotional alchemy & keep letting go as you move through the world…. The effect is immediate: a lightness & positivity whenever you release. As you keep releasing, you will create more & more inner freedom and the outer world will reflect your inner wealth.

The release & alignment technique Isabelle has developed is based on D.Hawkins & L. Levenson’s work, while weaving in regression, breathwork & intuitive suggestions. This practice has helped Isabelle to triple income in a matter of weeks, without any extra effort. It has helped her partner Alexis heal his seasonal allergies & lose weight, while Heidi equally has doubled her money flow, practically overnight.

Cancellation Policy:  We don't offer refunds, there is a recording available for anyone who was unable to attend.


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What People Are Saying:

“Hi Isabelle and Heidi, I wanted to drop you both a quick message to say thank you. The last few months have been significant for me working out what I want to do, and so much of that has come down to figuring out who I really am by peeling back painful layers. These last two weeks have been particularly transformational - I had the courage to publish some of my creative work online, used the technique from the wealthy woman workshop a few times (working through a lot of fear of rejection and need for control) and suddenly things are unfolding in ways I couldn't imagine.. Within 24 hours I had FOUR opportunities arise out of the blue, all pointing me in the same direction. I always wanted to believe in manifestation before and had seen little signs of it, but suddenly I get it BIG TIME. I've realised I don't actually want to do many of the projects I have been clinging onto for the past months/years, including the one I came to the workshop with. I thought this would leave me feeling deflated and scared, but instead I feel so liberated, so inspired, so joyful!! I know that the loss of these plans will simply make room for other things to flourish. I've never felt more confident in speaking my truth and knowing my worth (regardless of whether any of these opportunities work out!). So thank you, I am incredbly grateful for the work you do, I wouldn't have got to where I am without it. With love, Anna”