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Wild & Worthy, the masterclass

A potent masterclass with Holistic Msc. Psychologist & Conscious Manifestation Coach Isabelle Ysebaert.

15th of june, 7 pm London time

For the womxn who is done chasing, ready to embody all of who she is & let life come to her...

Being magnetic is the easiest & most natural state to be in… It's still there in your body, you know & you know you know... But there is so much confusion & mind-distortion out there, making us believe it's hard & unattainable. Here below are a couple things to already get out of the way... Some of them I had to learn the hard way, others I witnessed with clients who staid stuck.

In order to create & manifest...

1) You do not need to wait until you're ‘healed’ (whatever that looks like ;)), you do not need to know the origin of every trauma, rewire every single belief and keep consuming courses & books, etc. (staying stuck in the mind and the belief “I am broken”)

2) You do not need to adhere to systems, deities, or anything outside of you. (only if you want to)

3) It is not about changing yourself or becoming perfect. (in fact, we mistake perfection for wholeness.)

4) And you do not need to think positively all the time or have your glow on. (trying to control your thoughts results in even more suppression of the self.)

This masterclass will clarify how to embody your juicy manifestation magic in a grounded way. Way beyond mindset, Isabelle combines the world of trauma, the nervous system & manifestation, with proven incredible results. 

This is for you if: You are done thinking something is wrong with you, done chasing thing after thing in the personal development world,  done trying to constantly get better & perfect at doing your practices, done trying to figure things out. You are ready to be all of who you're meant to be. From a life of effort, to a life of flow & abundance, the juicy, simple key is: letting go of resistance & surrendering. Something your body knows how to do, but you've been trained out of... 

During these 2h30 we will talk about:

  • what is conscious manifestation, embodying your unconditional self-worth, the role of pleasure, what does releasing resistance actually mean + we will be releasing & letting go in the class, doing the work together.
  • This group will provide 1:1 hot seats where you come up & get live guidance + intuitive readings.
  • There will be a recording that is yours forever.

What People Are Saying:

“"After years of searching, I finally found the guidance I needed with Isabelle, it is hard to find someone who offers grounded spirituality, who can keep it simple & actually helps you do the work instead of preaching the work. It just clicked for me, no more overthinking & consuming lots of content and books, I finally trust myself. I can't extend my gratitude more Isabelle, the day after this class I got 4 emails with new opportunities for my artwork, unheard of!" ”

Anna May