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Yoni Yoga Session

YONI YOGA is an invitation for you to connect to your inner well of life and experience your unique sensuality through deep breathing, self-touch, guided meditations as well as sensual movements all focusing on your womb space.

In this class, you will bring your awareness from your analytical mind down into the intelligence of your physical senses and the wisdom of your body. This enables you to connect to your primal life force energy which is your creative sexual energy that is seated in your yoni (Sanskrit: womb & vagina).

The power of your yoni leads you to look deeply within and honor your ability to feel. Strengthening your relationship with her enables you to utilise your full creative potential as the magical and magnetic woman you inherently are and came here to be. A conscious creatrix - sensually alive and harmoniously tied to the wild rhythms of the Earth.

-  Now 6 spaces available - 24/01/2021, 7pm London time

⟴ 1hour30 Live class, in sisterhood.

⟴ The yoni practices will guide you into a deep state of groundedness, belonging and pleasure.

⟴ Relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation in your pelvis for more lubrication, orgasmic pleasure, reduced menstrual pain and prevention from uterus prolapse.

⟴ Connect to your truth, come home to your body temple, embody your inner goddess and ignite your creativity as well as your sensual and s♡xual fire.

⟴ We end with a sharing circle in gratitude and interconnection.

To join the class no previous experience is needed. This class calls in all human beings who define themselves as a woman and want to connect with their yoni.

Come with an open heart and be prepared to journey deeply.

About Sabrina, she an Embodied Femininity Guide and aids women in coming back home to their heart's voice, womb's wisdom and sensual aliveness within to savor their life in a blissful and free way without any limitations or shame.

CANCELLATION: if you can't attend the class live, we will send you a recording. We don't offer refunds on this class.

DISCLAIMER: Sabrina is an Intuitive Teacher. Her energetic work and channeled practices do not replace the care of a licensed physician, midwife, psychologist, counsellor, etc.

~ If you have any medical conditions, you ensure that you have consulted with a physician beforehand to make sure that the yoni yoga practices are appropriate for you to participate in.

~ Besides, if you feel numb in your pelvic area or it's difficult for you to do the practices, it's not that there is something wrong with you or you do it incorrectly.

~ It can mean that there resides any kind of blockage such as emotionally, ancestrally or sexually related trauma that needs to be released first. You are always welcome to reach out to her in this case.


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What People Are Saying:

Sabrina is an amazing facilitator of women's work. This class is like therapy. I love her intuitive style {...} Would highly recommend for any woman wanting to reclaim their feminine essence.

Dr. Sarah Coxon

Never done yoni yoga before and I was definitely surprised about how many muscles we actually have in & around our yoni. At the end of the class I was very relaxed and my yoni felt warm from the inside.

Franziska Gabler

I loved the Yoni Yoga {...} what a wonderful way for women to come together and tap into their femininity and sensuality. This class helped me to slow down and feel my body. Loved it!

Ashley Ritter