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Release & Alignment Deepdive

The personal development & manifestation world may have gotten you confused.

“Think differently, rewire your beliefs, hypnotise the subconscious, meditate every day, cite affirmations or better, write down your affirmations 50 times , analyse your dreams, heal your worthiness wound, do shadow work etc…”

All of it holds truth, yet a lot of it overcomplicates things & most of it only works on 1 side instead of making a synthesis of mind-body-soul alignment. We need to work with the deepest of personal traumas, as well as aligning with the universal laws of quantum physics & manifestation.

After 10 years of research & questioning in the holistic healing world & its endless concepts, + healing from binge-eating, burnout & scarcity living, Msc. Psychologist Isabelle today practices & teaches the Alignment tools every day. She is so bold to say that this is literally the only technique you’ll need to bring your desires into life & be able to enjoy them deeply. If you do 1 thing, let it be this. It elegantly combines trauma-work with quantum physics, in the most practical, straightforward way. Nothing is broken or needs to be fixed, you are meant to enjoy life, pleasure-led living in abundance & harmony NOW and all it takes is aligning with the truth of who you are.  Over & over again.

Come to this session with your boldest desires and let Isabelle help you embody it NOW through trauma-informed release & alignment. 

You don’t need to ‘rewire’ your beliefs, you don’t need to be perfectly ‘healed’, it doesn’t need to take ages, you don’t need to know what exactly is holding you back, or disentangle every single trauma. You can manifest NOW, if you get to embody ENOUGHNESS within all your imperfection NOW. Aligning with the truth of who you are... Always enough, always worthy, always a powerful creator. All you need, is the willingness to let go, practice emotional alchemy & keep letting go as you move through the world…. The effect is immediate: a lightness & positivity whenever you release. As you keep releasing, you will create more & more inner freedom and the outer world will reflect your inner wealth.


The release & alignment technique Isabelle has developed is based on spiritual masters D.Hawkins & L. Levenson’s work, while weaving in regression, Breathwork & intuitive suggestions based on holistic psychology & her intuitive gifts. Besides the client results, this practice has shifted things profoundly at home. It has helped Isabelle to triple income in a matter of weeks, without any extra effort and it has helped Alexis heal his seasonal allergies & lose weight effortlessly.

*** About the Session ***

Upon payment, I will contact you to book a time unless you have already booked a time with me. 

The session happens intuitively & contains approximatively ⌁1h Release, Breathwork & regression ⎜⌁ 1h Coaching.

The session will be:

  • 2  hours 
  • Virtual Conference via Zoom.

We recommend you to block 1-2 hours of free time after the session to have space to be present with yourself.

Sit down in a cozy space, sip a hot drink and take the time to integrate your experience, maybe write down some reflection.

A good inquiry could be… What Now?

 *** What will happen next ? ***

A lot can move during these transformational sessions, you may feel that a big part of you just simply vanished, it just faded away to make place for a lighter and more joyful you!

However DEVOTION to yourself & this practice, is where it's really at. This session will show you how to align in every moment with your creative power, if the release work is a constant attitude you then adopt, the results will be magical.

What People Are Saying:

I worked closely with Isabelle Ysebaert who is a holistic psychologist and Breathwork coach and has a great technique called 'Alignment Technique' which is releasing + personal intuition, unconscious work and breathwork to release emotions behind what's holding you back. And allowing you to fully embody what you want to align with. The day I had the session with her I felt my 'lack mentality' slowly shifting in and out and I fully let go of it a day later. From that point on I started attracting lots of work, I sold 2 of my 1:1 online Healing courses and attracted some new private clients for my Reiki business. I started selling more private sessions and my business has doubled in a couple of weeks since doing this. Super powerful.


The amount of energy and transformation that I get & the potential that I feel after doing Breathwork, like holy shit! The first time I did breathwork, I unleashed all this depressed frozen energy from my body and it reflected in a cascade of events in my life. A new love story came along straight after, a new housing opportunity a few weeks later, I felt ALIVE. It’s the 3d time now, and I’m getting more & more used to the process and it’s bringing me deeper and deeper. I did a lot of screaming, crying & laughing and it felt so so good. I’m curious to see where all this will lead.

Jessica Conners