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Release, Relax & Create!

Is your heart full of hope for a beautiful future, but your mind troubled by life's events? Can you benefit from a supportive online space dedicated to women's JOY & THRIVING?

Our Joyful collective is a Digital Studio where you can connect with your body & feminine power, find peace amidst chaos, grow emotional resilience, learn cutting edge healing tools & grow into the most powerful version of yourself, ready to not only face current day challenges, but actually keep creating the life you envisioned. 

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Our Collective Approach 

Our Joyful collective  aims to nurture women from many horizons & talents that share a common vision for inner growth, thriving health, wealth & joy. We believe in the power of humans to turn challenge & adversity into greater opportunity & accomplishments.

Isabelle & Alexis benefit from 9+ years of experience in holistic self development are now bringing together powerful Practitioners & Coaches that cover all arena's of thriving. 

When you join our Studio, you are taking advantage of our collectives regular sharing that will support you individually in the most powerful ways. 

Opening March 2020

We are opening our Digital Studio in the midst of a worldwide Pandemic. 
 We will be hosting group sessions & provide Healing practices to transmute fear into positive creation & build the world of tomorrow, one powerful female leader at a time.
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Have a look in the below calendar and subscribe to the online classes you want to be a part of, to receive Zoom meeting details. Every practitioner will provide a payment link for a non-mandatory donation. If you currently have the means to offer financial support, this can make all the difference! A class is generally at €25, so we propose a donation between €10 & €25.


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Irina, Ayurveda Advisor and Tantra Yoga teacher

Our 4 Pillars for Well-being

We've explored many approaches to feel well & grow in a balanced way.  Our knowledge and experience include Holistic Psychology, Coaching, design thinking and Ancient 'Alternative' Healing modalities.

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Body Cleanse

with plant-based meals, healthy juices  and targeted wellness practices, we'll help your body get rid of accumulated toxins.

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Release Emotions

with powerful mind-body approach to unload the weight of past emotions, we'll help you go beyond past habits.

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Creative Confidence

by building actively what you desire & overcome your minds endless doubting. Manifest consciously your life!

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Self Realignment

with Holistic Psychology and Energy Practices to increase your access to the superconscious, unlocking your intuition.

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Questions or doubts? 

If you hesitate what kind of support you need for your specific situation & challenge- Alexis will be happy to orient you. 

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