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Reflections on Trust  

How & why humans trust each other is hard to define. Many have had trust broken not only by lovers, friends & employers but by the personal development industry at large. In recent years the coaching industry has grown increasingly inauthentic, leaving a bad taste behind for those who truly are in it with their heart.

Our mind would like to believe we make rational decisions when it comes to who we trust... But really, we are not as rational as we think. Only 5% of our decisions on the daily are truly rational. There are our biases, our beliefs & our fears, that thwart all decision making & tend to make us 'blind'.

But something in you will always tell you what is right: your gut feeling or intuition. 

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Feel into the potential of working with us.

Below you can read the recognition and appreciation from some of our past clients. But you'll probably really only know if you book a call and meet Isabelle &/or Alexis.

Isabelle's Coaching

Erika Kesilman ⇢ Conscious parenting coach

✎ Isabelle, how can I ever thank you enough! You’ve helped me shift in such a BIG way as a woman and entrepreneur. It is important for me to show up in the best way possible for myself so that I can serve my community and make a big impact as a coach and you helped me break through my fears and default programming so that I can make it all happen with ease and flow.

Now I feel emotionally set free, recharged, aligned and just so much LOVE for myself and what I do. My worries, fears, anxieties used to be so invasive, today I can barely hear them. Your guidance, wisdom & tools have provided me with this deep sense of inner trust, safety and confidence that I never experienced before. I am finally living from the inside-out and I am no longer craving recognition, security & peace from the external, I have cultivated it from within and can access that, no matter what happens.

My career and relationship with myself are on fire! I feel this deep sense of peace, lightness and excitement for my growth and what is yet to come. I am forever grateful, deeply appreciative and would recommend your powerful manifestation coaching and mentorship to anyone experiencing patterns of limitation or doubt. "

Intuitive business: 6 months 1:1 Coaching

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Video Testimonials  

Domina Mc Quade ⇢ Senior recruiting manager @ Microsoft


✎ " I've been struggling with burnout patterns for as long as I can remember.  I connected with Isabelle during a very pivotal moment in my life/career. I did Isabelle's 3 month program during this chaotic time. Normally under these circumstances, I would 100% burnout trying to "prove myself" as a new manager.

Isabelle helped me pinpoint the root cause of why I cycle through burnout (for me it was an underlying feeling of not being good enough), and address it. It sort've connected all the dots for me and gave me the tools to maintain a good w/l balance. The results were incredible. Even though I'm working less hours, I'm more effective because I'm rested, more efficient and more strategic. I'm also not pushing myself to exhaustion at work, so I have more energy for my daughter and husband in the evenings. I was able to really thrive during a difficult time and actually got promoted into a permanent manager role!

I still have moments where I fall into old patterns, but I catch it way sooner and have the tools to calm myself down when I'm feeling stressed/anxious. Thank you so much for everything Isabelle!!"

3 months 1:1 Coaching

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Roxana Davidov ⇢ Intuitive Counselor


✎ "If you are ready for the next level in your life and ready to see the truth of who you are & feel it, Isabelle can guide you in a magical way. 

She’s incredibly humble comparing to what her work really does. She has this ability to see beyond the lies we tell ourselves and show you your greatest self. She has a beautiful energy, nurturing, and also firm when needed. We worked on coming back to my natural talents and find the trust to go for what truly lights me up. She helped me look ahead instead of staying stuck in fear.

She was there when I was crying & struggling, she was there when | was rising & shining, overcoming fears of being seen. Her work is so all-encompassing with tools that address all levels of transformation. 

I truly recommend her with all my heart. She has guided me back to my purpose and helped me actually make it feasible in practical life. Priceless."

Intuitive Business: 3 months 1:1 Coaching

Clémence Dutheil⇢ relationship & love coach, online course creator


✎ " It is cheesy to say someone has changed your life, but Isabelle truly has. She has pointed me from the beginning to the very essence of who I am. Emotional release, facing my darkness, breathwork & no fluff, with her help I have released many patterns & fears. She has the uncanny ability to not take any bullshit from your mind and untangle your confusion in no time with a gentle firmness. In the coaching industry things can get blurry and there are many mind-traps & new age distractions, Isabelle to me, is a beacon of clarity & truth.

At some point, my business started going off the charts, my content went viral over & over again, and I wasn't putting in 'effort', I was simply enjoying myself and being true to my own creativity. I wouldn't be where I am today without Isabelle. She has seen me at my most vulnerable and she helped me transform it into strength."

Intuitive business: 6 months 1:1 coaching

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Heidi Rabbach ⇢ Health website & Coach 


✎ "Taking the plunge and booking 6 months of coaching with Isabelle was THE best decision ever when I felt completely stuck. Even as an intuitive eater, I massively struggled with emotional eating all the while not being in touch with my emotions, let alone my body.

This past half year has completely transformed my life by what must be at least 180°. Isabelle gently brought me back into my body, gave me the tools to handle difficult emotions, helped me get in touch with my intuition, empowered me to follow it, cheered me on as I embarked on new journeys and, with her calm presence, grounded me when things seemed to make no sense.

I also had the opportunity of a business coaching session with Alexis - and boy, it turned out to be an absolute game changer! Alexis provided mind blowing insight that got me to a deeper understanding of where my business was stuck, along with very actionable steps forward.

Now that we started implementing these steps, and along with the changes that Isabelle fostered in me, I can tell we're on an exiting upward trajectory.

My husband was on the fence about me taking this step but now that he saw what a difference it made, he's like "Best investment ever!" "

Intuitive Business Growth

Breathwork Facilitation

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Ashley Luper

"{...} I thought I knew something about Breathwork since I’ve practiced meditation and other modalities, but this was a whole new experience. Isabelle explained the science behind it and answered all questions prior to beginning, which made me feel safe and open to whatever came up for me during the session. {...} My energy really shifted during the session and emotions that I was holding onto in my physical body shifted.{...}"

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Sien Vanmaele

“I didn’t expect this experience to be so freeing, so intense, so transformational. I got in touch with layers of emotions I had no idea were in me, and all throughout my crying I felt the most exhilarating feeling of self-love arise. At the end I received a deep and simple message: start being kinder to yourself. It sounds so banal, but for the first time I FELT it instead of ‘knowing’ it.”                                                                                              

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Pamela Gutrath

"Isabelle is a thoughtful teacher who understands the power of breath, the resistance we all feel, and the mind altering benefits we can create by engaging so deeply with ourselves.{...} Who knew I could start a session as one person and end up feeling like a totally different person, {...} it is like having a cup of mushroom tea, but instead of feeling HIGH one feels WHOLE.” 

Experience range

Building on a rich experience working in London, Brussels & Berlin, in both consulting, coaching and non-profit social artistic projects. A sabbatical gave Isabelle the opportunity to explore eastern philosophy & holistic healing, tackle her own issues around food, body, perfectionism & other deep-seated limitations and gave her the inspiration to found Full of Joy.

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Alexis's Coaching

Praise from past-clients I helped grow in their business activity.

Susan Oubari ⇢ Breathwork & Reiki


✎ "Alexis created a life-changing coaching experience for me. I began working with him when my Breathwork/Reiki and coaching business was becoming successful in Paris, but I was still unclear about my message and the value I had to offer.

In just 6 months Alexis helped me productize my services into a clear, compelling offering that became distinguishable and felt. Alexis has helped me improve not only the quality of clients in my practice, but also the quantity of money they provide me as well.


1) Alexis made me feel legitimate by giving me his absolute, full, undivided attention each time we met.

2) He inspired and motivated me by challenging me to go deeper and find the goal behind my goal.

3) Alexis believed in me and consistently reminded me that I had the magic. He helped boost my self-confidence.

4) He asked me the poignant questions that allowed me to define why I do what I do… what I do… and what problems I solve. I improved my presentation skills and was able to bring this clear message directly into my workshops and digital platforms… and book new clients on a daily basis.

I highly recommend Alexis Terrée as a coach if you want to take your business to the next level."

Creative Deep Dive - Holistic Strategy

Watch the Video testimonial

Natie ⇢Artist & Musician 


✎ "Alexis is my go-to ressource whenever I’m building a project. His approach encompasses all aspects of the human experience.

While he’s not a professional musician himself, his curiosity and open-minded approach allows him to give me insights I don’t get elsewhere. Alexis's methods truly encourages me to understand and lead my projects from inside out. Every advice, discussion or exercise serves the next step, and next project.

Growing in that environment feels like one constantly expanding journey, as opposed to isolated successes."

Creative Deep Dive - Holistic Strategy

Creative Facilitation

Praise from past-colleagues with leading profiles in the field of Design, Strategic Marketing & Digital Innovation. 

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Martin Jordan

"Alexis is a uniquely energetic and dedicated individual (...) His positive attitude will be missed." Head of Service Design - Gov.uk

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Anne Florea

"Alexis is one of the most curious, intelligent and creative people I have worked with" UX Researcher - Google 

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Guillaume Thys

Alexis is a very intelligent and structured creative, which is quite rare." UX Design Lead - Deloitte Digital

Experience range

Evolving from giving time to not-for-profit digital organization, interacting with Top-University Innovation Labs, Strategic Agencies, Growing Startups, Recently-Acquired Startups & Large Corporate Structures.

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