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Studio Testimonials

Below, you will find the testimonials we gathered on our way. Our newly founded Digital Studio thrives with our client’s tributes, Explore below and, share yours it helps us more than you can imagine!

Reiki Drum
Yoni Yoga
Private Sessions

Breathwork Testimonials

We will gather below our testimonial related to participating in Breathwork sessions.

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Ashley Luper

✎ "{...} I thought I knew something about Breathwork since I’ve practiced meditation and other modalities, but this was a whole new experience. Isabelle explained the science behind it and answered all questions prior to beginning, which made me feel safe and open to whatever came up for me during the session. {...} My energy really shifted during the session and emotions that I was holding onto in my physical body shifted.{...}"

Sien Vanmaele

✎“I didn’t expect this experience to be so freeing, so intense, so transformational. I got in touch with layers of emotions I had no idea were in me, and all throughout my crying I felt the most exhilarating feeling of self-love arise. At the end I received a deep and simple message: start being kinder to yourself. It sounds so banal, but for the first time I FELT it instead of ‘knowing’ it.” 

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Pamela Gutrath

✎ "Isabelle is a thoughtful teacher who understands the power of breath, the resistance we all feel, and the mind altering benefits we can create by engaging so deeply with ourselves.{...} Who knew I could start a session as one person and end up feeling like a totally different person, {...} it is like having a cup of mushroom tea, but instead of feeling HIGH one feels WHOLE.” 

Jessica Conners

✎ "The amount of energy and transformation that I get & the potential that I feel after doing Breathwork, like holy shit! The first time I did breathwork, I unleashed all this depressed frozen energy from my body and it reflected in a cascade of events in my life. A new love story came along straight after, a new housing opportunity a few weeks later, I felt ALIVE. It’s the 3d time now, and I’m getting more & more used to the process and it’s bringing me deeper and deeper. I did a lot of screaming, crying & laughing and it felt so so good. I’m curious to see where all this will lead me.” 

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✎ "So many things I want to express regarding this breathwork session!

I'll start by saying that, even though I'm actively looking for and creating spaces for women to open up and connect, I had never experienced anything like this before. The words and voices of each woman in the session made me feel understood and supported. I heard my own inner voices out loud through the shared vulnerability. The bravery and openness that these women showed is a testament of the Trust, Truth and Love that Isabelle establishes with and for us.

I've only tried breathwork twice, and both experiences were completely different (one heavy and sad, the other joyful and energizing). But what I discovered today went beyond the session itself. Isabelle recommended doing something creative after the session. I'm a musician, so I picked up my violin and improvised freely for an hour. I noticed a rare openness, fullness and brightness to my sound. I was still "making mistakes" or as I like to say now "figuring stuff out" but my sound and my ideas were unfamiliarly clear. It was very pleasurable and inspiring!

As an artist, I'm curious and excited to explore the effects of Breathwork on my creativity.
As a human, I feel encouraged to tune inwards and listen more patiently, honestly and lovingly, within a space/community that feels authentic.” 

Reiki Drum Testimonials

We will gather below our testimonial related to participating in Reiki Drum sessions.

Carina Geiss

✎“It was my first Reiki experience and it was magic. I had a great reiki drum journey with Heidi. Her peaceful and calm character guided me on my path very well. I will definitely continue the Reiki drum session to connect even deeper."

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Olivia Kirschner

✎ "I've joined this evening Heidi's 'Reiki Drum journey' and it was very powerful!! I was worried to begin with that I might drift off which often happens to me during specific sessions, but I was able to enjoy the whole journey and received important messages and insight. It was a very interesting experience .The guided meditation to begin with was amazing too and and a lot of emotions came up for me but Heidis gentle voice & guidance were very soothing. I can highly recommend these Reiki drum journeys with Heidi.. 5 stars from me!! Thank you Heidi"

Yoni Yoga Testimonials

We will gather below our testimonial related to participation in the Yoni Yoga sessions.

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Dr. Sarah Coxon

✎ "Sabrina is an amazing facilitator of women's work. This class is like therapy. I love her intuitive style of teaching and I left her class feeling calm, centred and at peace. Would highly recommend for any woman wanting to reclaim their feminine essence."

Heike Jung

✎ "Your class did me a lot of good and helped me to feel my womb more intensely – filled with feminine power, with my own feminine power that is totally complete. Your work is a welcome reminder to not sideline this sensual feminine energy, but to create space for it."

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Ashley Ritter

✎ "I loved the Yoni Yoga today. I'm so glad you've decided to hold these classes in the future, what a wonderful way for women to come together and tap into their femininity and sensuality. This class helped me to slow down and feel my body. Loved it!"

Vianna Buchanan

✎ "Thank you so much for your beautiful presence in today's yoni yoga. It was just gorgeous to be held in an online space where you talked about all of the things that tend to be avoided in a 'typical' yoga class. You really transmit a wonderful vibe even through Zoom.
I especially noticed my energy waking up my arms, right down to my fingertips from the heart space and a warm pulsation from my yoni space during the class... afterwards I felt very connected and more energised, which is something I love about any hip swirling, shakti awakening practice."

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Franziska Gabler

✎ "I liked the class a lot. Never done yoni yoga before and I was definitely surprised about how many muscles we actually have in & around our yoni. At the end of the class I was very relaxed and my yoni felt warm from the inside."

Rebecca Macdonald

✎ "I am so glad I joined. I felt like I ignited my sensual fire in that class. I felt so connected to my sexuality. I am so grateful for your wisdom."

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Selma De Faria

✎ "Again my deepest appreciation for what you have done for me during that session, and for the privilege of connecting with both you and the other women in the group. It was the most connective experience I have ever had in my life, simply ground breaking for me and magical. Never had I experienced anything like it in the 3D. The world needs for women to come together like this more."

Aakanksha Thorat

✎ "I can't express enough in words how grateful I am for this experience. I was almost about to cry. It helped me to feel what it is like to feel my own self without that shame and disgust towards myself. I had never breathed this way before. Felt my Yoni before. I have holding on to so much and it left."

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Anke Braun

✎ "Sabrina's yoni yoga is a deeply unique experience. She creates a safe container for all attendees and leads us women into our own connection to our yoni - our womb - and with that, to a completely new way of feeling ourselves. The practices are easy to follow, but always surprising with their results. I highly recommend trying out this way of yoga with Sabrina, a heart-led goddess of a woman!"

Caroline Fearns

✎"The yoni yoga practice was both soft and powerful at the same time. Sabrina is a skilled space holder who had me feeling totally relaxed and able to journey deeply into connection with my yoni and energy. It was beautiful to be practicing in a group of sisters and to all be cultivating our feminine energy together. I felt so much energy moving and a warm golden light in my body with my womb telling me I am already everything I desire to be.

I would 100% recommend going along to one of Sabrina's sessions, you will leave feeling empowered and nourished."

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Vildan Aydemir

✎ "I love Sabrina's Yoni Yoga Classes and I am always sad when I miss one. I can feel the deep wisdom of Sabrina's heart and soul. The classes are full of compassion and love for the complex being of a woman in this world. She guides you through your darkness in the light of your yoni. Many times, I feel ungrounded, but after this class I always feel deeply rooted, connected with my body and my yoni. My chakras feel much more in alignment and I feel held and loved by Mother Earth and the universe. I feel whole again! I recommend her yoni yoga to all women in the world – it is not only a class, it is a devotion for life."

Beata Hadaś

✎"It was my first experience with yoni yoga. After the class I had sex with my husband and for the first time in my life I experienced an orgasm with a man. It was an amazing experience! Very beautiful.

I’ve noticed how my feelings towards my husband have changed. I’ve already loved him with all of my heart, but now it’s even more intense. It feels like as if my heart has opened up for him in a way that I can now love him with all that I am.

My body reacts more sensitively when he touches me. My senses are intensified for his touch. When I caress his skin, I feel more energy running through my cells as well as I am more attracted to him. Generally speaking, I am much more open now.

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Private Sessions Testimonials

We will gather below our testimonial related to participation in the private session offered in the studio. 

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Heidi ∾1:1 Release & Alignment

✎ “I worked closely with Isabelle Ysebaert who is a holistic psychologist and Breathwork coach and has a great technique called 'Alignment Technique' which is releasing + personal intuition, unconscious work and breathwork to release emotions behind what's holding you back. And allowing you to fully embody what you want to align with. The day I had the session with her I felt my 'lack mentality' slowly shifting in and out and I fully let go of it a day later. From that point on I started attracting lots of work, I sold 2 of my 1:1 online Healing courses and attracted some new private clients for my Reiki business. I started selling more private sessions and my business has doubled in a couple of weeks since doing this. Super powerful.”

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