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Our Story

... is one of a couple who could not settle for the ordinary, neither in their relationship nor in their relation to life and business. We are both curious & open individuals, but at the same time highly sensitive to the world's (and our own) dysfunction and we experienced many dark nights of the soul as we tried to find our place.

We believe there is nothing more meaningful than helping people and organisations lead a joyful & authentic existence.

And we believe that joyful people do great things that are amazing for our planet's ecosystem.

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“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


Isabelle Ysebaert

I have 10+ years of experience as Psychologist & Transformational Coach. Originally from Belgium, I have lived in 5 different countries before settling in Portugal and I have travelled many more. What truly catalysed my passion for healing & personal growth, was a dire personal struggle with body image, self-worth & food in my early twenties.

Through my own process, I discovered what worked & didn't work in my traditional education. I went on a quest for bigger truths & bolder transformational ways to bring about change in clients' lives.

I have trained in many holistic modalities, including teachings from spiritual masters and immersing myself in non-duality. I have a specialty in female leadership & thriving, but my coaching evolves around 1 thing only: YOU.

I have learnt the hard way that a lot of what we have been taught socially & culturally needs to be inversed if we want to be fulfilled and emotionally mature. As we let go of chasing things in the world and focus on our quality of being, the world starts coming to us.

We currently live in what I like to call the emotional dark ages. Generations of unhealed trauma are manifesting in endless toxic patterns globally & in intimate relationships, an avalanche of anxiety, depression etc.

We need to step out of victimhood and take charge of our own experience.Emotional release, breathwork, revealing your unconscious, nervous system awareness are just some of the tools that can bring you back to your original blueprint of thriving and get your out of your head where the mind tortures us endlessly. I am guided by a deep desire to illuminate truth & love in everyone I meet.

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Alexis Terrée


Self-awareness and personal development started early along my growth as I visited my first Vipassana Retreat when I was 19 years old. This opened myself to eastern philosophies and gave me values such as authenticity, integrity & equanimity.

I studied Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Design Thinking. Throughout my career in Innovation & Design in 7 different countries, I got severely disillusioned. All I observed, was how we hustle our way through corporate, agencies or start-ups and how it always created the same symptoms in people: burnouts, bore outs and high-stress… And worse… I observed how the money in return did not even seem to make people happier!

Coming to Portugal on a sabbatical in 2017, I never really 'came back'. 

I decided to take advantage of my Design Strategist skills and aimed to crack the codes of Happiness, Fulfillment & Wealth. Rather uniquely, I decided to consider Personal Development & Spirituality as any other industry I would work for and try to bring an innovative spin to it ! 

I enjoy inspiring and guiding people, helping them make positive changes to grow and live their full potential. I consider myself a student of life and am perpetually growing, I hope you can join me on that journey!

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