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Holistic Transformation That Lasts. 

Sustainable change & lasting inner JOY only happens when we dig into the root cause & bring Mind, Body & Soul into alignment. We're here to help you make peace with the darkness and make lasting personal transformation obvious. If you've ever been confused in the personal development world, let this be your end-stop.

"The only thing holding us back from a life of joy, wealth & fulfillment, is the mind's limitations."


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Holistic Transformation That Lasts. 

Sustainable change & lasting inner JOY only happens when we dig into the root cause & bring Mind, Body & Soul into alignment. We're here to make lasting personal transformation obvious. If you've ever been confused in the personal development world, let this be your end-stop.

Meet The Founders

Hiii, nice to see you here! Msc Psychologist Isabelle founded Full of Joy after an intense struggle with an eating disorder, burnout & feeling stuck in life. Disappointed with her Psychology education, she started to unravel all the systems she was brought up in and created new levels of freedom in her life.

Now 10 years, a lot of holistic training & some spiritual revelations later, she sifted through what works and doesn't and helps you embody the Joy that you are, so that you can create the most fulfilling, loving & free reality for yourself and in your relationships. She herself remains devoted to this path, facing her darkness & limitations as they come, immersing herself in non-duality.

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"We are all born free and spend a lifetime becoming slaves to our own false truths"

- Atticus

How We Help 

We combine ancient old wisdom from the Masters with modern day Psychology , Trauma-research, creation principles and Business. We believe we cannot experience lasting inner joy if we do not self actualise into what we truly are: powerful, free, creative beings that walk to the beat of their own drum, not societal narcissistic ideals. Attuned to the need for a person-specific approach, we offer 1:1 deep dive coaching, group masterminds, corporate programs & transformational retreats, covering 3 fields of expertise:

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Thriving Women 

Women are rising & restoring balance in the world's structures, but do we really feel powerful along the way? Isabelle specialises in helping women RISE without the sacrifice. By unblocking the unconscious & balancing the nervous system, you pave the way for creating your version of your best life. With tools like holotropic breathwork, EMDR, emotional somatic release & embodiment she guides the way to your potential.

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Thriving Entrepreneurs

Whether you've been wanting to start your business and are on the fence, lacking clarity or you are in a business that is not flowing your way, there is only one underlying reason:  We express our dysfunctional pattern in business. Learn how to grow your business without burning-out. Invest in a business growth strategy that is right for you!

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Corporate Well-Being 

Burn-out is preventable and starts with the emotional resilience of your employees & your company culture. Performance, creativity and innovation are all blossoming in teams where there is a sense of psychological safety. Learn how to create safety & belonging for your employees and improve your company's performance. 


Personalised retreats in South-West Portugal

Sometimes we need to step away to reflect. Sometimes we've been going full speed and we've lost track of who we are. Sometimes we just want to focus on ourselves: taking the time to feel, go slow, do the inner work and get creative. We're here for you. Let's make it happen.


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Our Clients Results 

Some love from past clients from who joined group or 1:1 Transformational Coaching 

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Eva Vahrmeijjer

"Working with Isabelle was a huge catalyst for growth. I managed to overcome patterns I was stuck with for over 20 years! Isabelle’s approach is unique as it’s highly individualised."

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Suzanne Klein

"I only wish I had found Isabelle earlier. It was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made in my personal development. {...} I felt deeply supported by her calm & rooted presence and am amazed by her vast insights {...} "

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Susan Oubari

"Alexis created a life-changing coaching experience for me.{...} In just 6 months Alexis helped me productize my services into a clear, compelling offering that became distinguishable and felt."

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The Philosophy

You are the creator of your life.

You have created what you experience today, mostly unconsciously.

And you have the power to change & create the experience you desire. (but not in the way the world and our culture teaches you)

How does that sit when you read that?

Some of you will agree & be inspired, but most will provide reasons why that is untrue. Many will go above & beyond to explain why in fact they can't create a better life. "My past, my economic status, my body, the system, oppression etc... are reasons why I can't live a joyful life. Why would I have created so much suffering for myself anyway?"

The Resistance

Of course! You certainly haven't consciously chosen the negative things that come your way, and none of it is your ‘fault'. 

But today

it is the burden you carry and 

nobody can decide to take it away but you.

Nobody can save you from the feelings & thoughts you have stored inside, but you.

If we wait on the world to change, on other people to change or on our circumstances to change, 

we continue to pledge alliance to suffering.

The leadership we desperately need today, is the one of those that choose love & joy despite a world of suffering & hate.

The ones who lead by stepping out of their own pain first,

create love & peace from within and then show others the way. 


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 The inner Truth


There is a form of Joy & power that every single one of us can choose to cultivate no matter what happens around us, a form of joy that no-one can take  away. 

That Joy is the happiness that doesn't depend on what happens. 

It is the self-worth that stands strong even when faced with the worst of rejections, it is the inner safety that remains stable even when our whole life has been uprooted, it is an unwavering and untouchable sense of self that carries us through and above it all.

It is this joy that heals addictions, depression & anxiety, 

that brings clarity, turns people’s lives around 

and creates small & big miracles.

And it is this inner joy which is the key to creating your unique path of life with ease.

(which doesn't mean millions & mansions for everyone, nor should it, it means 'more than enough', 'fulfilled' & 'vibrant' for everyone.)

You are the creator of your life,

not through force, willpower or anything you 'do'

but through the depth of your inner freedom & joy.

Once we surrender to it, we  will experience inner & outer harmony & create beauty in our life.

But how do you unblock those unconscious beliefs? What does surrender even mean? Why isn't this self development stuff working? And why do I feel more miserable than before?

Stuck following a 'one size fits all' approach that doesn't work for them, many people get discouraged and blocked.

Yet if you're here, still reading,  something deep inside of you, remembers. 

We're here to help you remember it so vividly, that there's no way back.

We're here to help you find your own unique way of accessing your power, leave doubt and confusion behind & make quantum leaps in life, health & business. If this resonates, then join our list of creators below, we send regular-ish prose to your inbox, celebrating your unbelievably beautiful being & its complexities.

Book a Class in our Studio 

Is your heart full of hope for a beautiful future, but your mind troubled by life’s events? Can you benefit from a supportive online space dedicated to thriving with Joy?

Our Digital Studio is your safe digital space where you’ll find the knowledge, practices and community support to release subconscious beliefs, relax in the present moment and create your dream life.

Isabelle & Alexis want to make lasting transformation accessible and merged with your daily life so you can reach emotional resilience & grow into the most powerful version of yourself.

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Discover Our Digital Studio


Try our guided meditation

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Joy in times of adversity.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain. ~ Vivian Green

Though the external world might seem especially volatile, something has not changed & will never change: your inner resources.

Some people thrive during challenges, almost magically. Now here's the thing: they don't have anything special you don't have & they're not just 'lucky'. What sets them apart, is a stronger alignment with their inner power. And that's something we can all learn & train. Download this trauma-informed meditation & do it regularly to practice coming back to a sense of inner power. 

Opportunity & Abundance still are everywhere...

  • If you bring yourself into its energetic field.
  • In this audio you will relax your nervous system
  • Come home to your body, let go of worry &
  • Connect to inner peace & intuition
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