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We Create A Digital Studio To make You Happier, From The Inside Out.

Is your heart full of hope for a beautiful future, but your mind troubled by life’s events? Can you benefit from a supportive online space dedicated to thriving with Joy?

Our Digital Studio is your safe digital space where you’ll find the knowledge, mind-body practices and community support to release subconscious beliefs, relax in the present moment and create your dream life.

Isabelle & Alexis want to make lasting transformation accessible and merged with your daily life. We offer digitally enabled deep human connections because lasting transformation often happens when you are talking, in a trusted human circle.


Joyful Collective - digital studio
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We’ve got a highway to stress and a dirt road to happiness.

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A Space Nurturing Joy

When you really want to get fit, you might go to the gym? There you’ll find various technical instruments, group courses, coaches and a sense of community. So, when you want to get back to a happier life, where do you go? We have been exploring this question for 9+ years of experience in holistic self-development. The simple answer is — it’s not really clear. The self-development industry is a complete mess. We want to help.

In our studio, we are on a journey to make the path to human happiness — approachable. We now believe that lasting Joy is deeply linked with the magic art of consciously creating what we want in life and living these experiences, fully.

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Our Classes & Workshops

The path to happiness and the yogic path are very similar. But they don't have to be identical! And... yoga classes are a great start but not really enough to really push you fast forward.

What if we could innovate and provide an “updated” path that is more adapted to our modern needs? 

We create our classes and workshops to help you... reconnect with your body, release your negative emotions, strengthen your manifestation skills and increase your intuition potential. 

We have a bi-weekly breathwork class, more group classes and workshops that you can discover on our schedule.

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Jessica Conners

✎ "The amount of energy and transformation that I get & the potential that I feel after doing Breathwork, like holy shit! The first time I did breathwork, I unleashed all this depressed frozen energy from my body and it reflected in a cascade of events in my life. A new love story came along straight after, a new housing opportunity a few weeks later, I felt ALIVE. It’s the 3d time now, and I’m getting more & more used to the process and it’s bringing me deeper and deeper. I did a lot of screaming, crying & laughing and it felt so so good. I’m curious to see where all this will lead me.” 

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Our Private Sessions

There are moments in life where you really need to be supported individually to take your next steps as a 'brighter you'.  

We are offering these sessions for those willing to explore what keeps them stuck from shining their light in their life and in the world.

We are offering sessions mixing the best mind-body practices with our coaching based on holistic psychology approaches.  

Some say, "Years of therapy can be treated in 5-sessions", definitely the best investment in yourself.

Discover our Sessions

Our Testimonials 

Here are some tributes from our clients in the context of our sessions offered in our Digital Studio.

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Ashley Luper

"I thought I knew something about Breathwork since I’ve practiced meditation and other modalities, but this was a whole new experience.My energy really shifted..."

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Sien Vanmaele

" I got in touch with layers of emotions I had no idea were in me, and all throughout my crying I felt the most exhilarating feeling of self-love arise."

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Pamela Gutrath

"Who knew I could start a session as one person and end up feeling like a totally different person, it is like having a cup of mushroom tea, but instead of feeling HIGH one feels WHOLE.”

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Dr. Sarah Coxon

"Sabrina is an amazing facilitator of women's work. This class is like therapy. I love her intuitive style {...} Would highly recommend for any woman wanting to reclaim their feminine essence."

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Franziska Gabler

"Never done yoni yoga before and I was definitely surprised about how many muscles we actually have in & around our yoni. At the end of the class I was very relaxed and my yoni felt warm from the inside."

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Ashley Ritter

"I loved the Yoni Yoga {...} what a wonderful way for women to come together and tap into their femininity and sensuality. This class helped me to slow down and feel my body. Loved it!"

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Our Team

We have a core team of teachers and coaches working together, under the same transformation model to support your growth. Each session contains a group sharing moment to support your knowledge's integration.

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Irina, Ayurveda Advisor and Tantra Yoga teacher

Our Holistic Approach

We've explored many approaches to feel well & grow in a balanced way.  Our synthetic approach is informed by our knowledge and experience with Holistic Psychology, Coaching, Design Thinking and Modern Integrative Medicine and Ancient 'Alternative' Healing modalities.

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Body Connection

with intuitive eating, creative movements and targeted wellness practices, we'll help your body get rid of accumulated toxins.

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Release Emotions

with powerful mind-body approach to unload the weight of past emotions, we'll help you go beyond past habits.

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Creative Confidence

by building actively what you desire & overcome your minds endless doubting. Manifest consciously your life!

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Self Realignment

with Holistic Psychology and Energy Practices to increase your access to the superconscious, unlocking your intuition.

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Questions or doubts? 

If you hesitate what kind of support you need for your specific situation & challenge - Alexis will be happy to orient you. Click on the 'talk to us' button.

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