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You Create, We Catalyze.

Whatever is your life's trajectory, you know that you are responsible for your success and... your failures. 

You realize that both individual and group behaviours are the result of subconscious programs and cultural dynamics. You know that these can change, more or less effectively.

At Full of Joy, our core goal is to support our clients into a more joyful experience of Life. We help you find orientation and reach your next challenges and adventures!

While your goal is to take responsibility for your own trajectory. We take care of you by increasing the depth and efficiency of our transformation programs.


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Our Offering

Start your journey to connect with the real you. Experience a huge transformational shift in your life, and live with more joy and serenity. We support women, entrepreneurs and established companies.

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Thriving Women 

Learn how to eat and live intuitively by growing out of your past trauma and dysfunctional behaviours.

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Thriving Entrepreneurs

Learn how to grow your business without burning-out. Invest in a business growth strategy that is right for you!

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Corporate Well-being 

Learn how to create safety & belonging for your employees and improve your company's performance. 


Our Coaching Approach 

We've explored many approaches to feel well & grow in a balanced way. Our knowledge and experience include Holistic Psychology, Coaching, Design Thinking and a mix between Modern Integrative Medicine and Ancient Healing modalities. We will share methods with you as your instructor, guide, and coach.


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The Body

Transform your body so that you feel more energized and productive. You will learn how to your body works at its best.

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The Emotions

Let go and you will connect with your friends, family, partner, and loved ones on a deeper level of care and compassion.

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The Mind

Together we'll create a shift in your life, empowering you with positive patterns which will upgrade the quality of your life.

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The SuperConscious

You will learn how to be in constant flow. Not as "a new you", but "the real you"; the person you always were and forgot.

Questions You Might Have

Discover how we approach transformational coaching by exploring these few questions and answers. 

Client's Tributes

We share below praise from past clients from our Transformational Coaching.

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Eva Vahrmeijjer

"Working with Isabelle in 2019 was a huge catalyst for growth. I managed to overcome patterns I was stuck with for over 20 years! Isabelle’s approach is unique as it’s highly individualised."

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Suzanne Klein

"I only wish I had found Isabelle earlier. It was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made in my personal development. {...} I felt deeply supported by her calm & rooted presence and am amazed by her vast insights {...} "

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Susan Oubari

"Alexis created a life-changing coaching experience for me.{...} In just 6 months Alexis helped me productize my services into a clear, compelling offering that became distinguishable and felt."

Science, Magic and Creating more Joy 

Being born and raised in western countries, we understand and embrace modern science. 

Modern science has been about quantifying everything, it helped society in wonderful ways and it created more material abundance for everyone. But, on the inside, it made things worse—People are more depressed than ever.

 By opening our minds to other world views, especially from older Eastern-philosophies, we realized that older sciences were more focused on the Quality of things. And it’s clear that their life was felt as more … magical. 

We now believe that lasting Joy is deeply linked with the magic art of consciously creating what we want in life and living these experiences, fully. 

We now have to embrace the discomfort of navigating at the border between these two world views. Our role is to create a bridge between the old and new and communicate clearly the core principle of Alchemy with Holistic Psychology.

We believe that the 21st century is the time for humans to unify and transcend both Quality and Quantity to navigate the world with more ease and fun! 

When you push boundaries, sometimes, our client’s results have to be … our scientific studies!

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If you still have questions...

You still have unresolved questions or doubts? Do not hesitate to push on the button "Talk to me", and... ask your questions there!

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