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Our Schedule

We merge Psychology, the latest mind-body trauma research & grounded spirituality to provide high quality & safe containers for your growth. (The classes are either trauma-informed or trauma-healing). 

Let yourself be held. Join our Zoom conference from the comfort of your home.

PS: We know you’re busy, so you’ll get email instructions and reminders. 

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✢   11am Los Angeles (PDT)  ✈︎  2pm New York (EDT)  ✈︎  7pm London (WET)    ✢

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New moon Breathwork - "Returning to abundance"

On this powerful sunday 8/8 + new moon, this live Zoom Session (90min) will help you release deep held wounds from the body in a safe & potent women-only space. Let yourself be held & supported by Isabelle through a cathartic journey, access an altered state of consciousness & let the breath guide you back to your inner home: abundant, safe & loving.


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Questions or doubts? 

If you hesitate what kind of support you need for your specific situation & challenge - Alexis will be happy to orient you. Click on the 'talk to me' button.

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