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Align to Shine

Intuitive Business Growth for female leaders.

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Behind closed doors, many high achieving women feel either trapped by their success or unable to sustain the rhythm it takes to maintain success.

We are conditioned to rise by hustling, competing, 'just do it' and we may succeed this way, but we don't actually THRIVE... Our relationships suffer, our body suffers, we're not in touch with our femininity and/or we're constantly living in cycles of highs & lows.

What if it doesn't have to be this way? 

You're a FEMALE LEADER &...

- great at getting things done, but the sacrifices are taking a toll on your health & relationships.

-You reached many milestones but somehow the taste of success is short-lived.

-You're always ON, thinking about the next thing, never allowing yourself to lay back & enjoy it.

- Or you may be stuck in a career that feels meaningless to you, but your success is holding you back from taking a leap & change.

- You know deep down that there's a way to create a life that feels easier, but you're not sure how to manifest it... You want business growth AND wellbeing.

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We get it & it's time to take a breather...

We've been there. Until we realised... There's more at play. 

Life isn't meant to feel like an uphill battle, it is meant to FLOW. And the key to that life, lies in your unique Inner Genius.

In fact...

What distinguishes women who succeed from women who struggle? If it was hard work, we'd all be there by now, right?

The only reason you're not rising while thriving is because of your subconscious personal & cultural programming, that's preventing you from tapping into the energy fields of creativity, abundance and effortless success. Your business then reflects your wounds instead of your creative potential.


"A woman, at ease in her body, grounded in her heart and convinced of her worth, is an unstoppable force of nature. The world needs that woman, the world needs you."

Isabelle Ysebaert
Transformational Coach

What if your personal growth & intuition were the keys to a flowing business?

We have found that there are 3 components to finding your zone of genius & thrive:


Struggles in life & business are symptoms of deep-seated limiting beliefs & fears in your subconscious that must be addressed before your desired outcomes will manifest. Your highest potential awaits on the other side of your internal blocks.


Learn to work with the law of attraction in relation with quantum physics in order to take big leaps. Ditch the hustle & let life come to you. This is not about 'positive thinking' however. This is about releasing limitations from mind & body through simple yet powerful practices.

Creative Strategy

Backed by a solid psychological & energetic foundation, it is then time to learn how to structure creative action and merge your inner world with outer strategy. Find your unique strategy!(disclaimer-it is not like anybody else's...)


and leave the shit-show behind you for good.

So, is it time for you to discover your own magic?

Isabelle & Alexis have joined forces to create powerful personalised coaching packages that have both your personal, spiritual growth & business development covered. We believe in deep 1:1 coaching, mastermind communities & retreats in Portugal.

Praise › Susan ⇢ Breathwork & Reiki

✎ "Alexis created a life-changing coaching experience for me. I began working with him when my Breathwork/Reiki and coaching business was becoming successful in Paris, but I was still unclear about my message and the value I had to offer. In just 6 months Alexis helped me productize my services into a clear, compelling offering that became distinguishable and felt. Alexis has helped me improve not only the quality of clients in my practice, but also the quantity of money they provide me as well. {...} 

I highly recommend Alexis Terrée as a coach if you want to take your business to the next level."

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Our Transformational Coaching

A unique mix. Isabelle, as holistic psychologist & coach is an expert in unblocking you through intimate shadow work. Alexis, as a business coach catalyses your creative confidence and helps you create & implement a truly aligned business strategy.

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Best for Female Manager

3 coaching deep dives / month

In-between support

1 VIP Coaching Day in your hometown

Mastermind Group

-20% yearly retreat

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Create my dream



Best for Female Executive

3 coaching deep dives / month

In-between support

2 VIP Coaching Days in your hometown

Mastermind Group

-40% yearly retreat


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Grow my Business



Best for Female Entrepreneur

3 coaching deep dives / month

In-between support

4 VIP Coaching Days in your hometown 

Mastermind Group

 Yearly retreat Included

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Our impact

Coaching changes lives, one at a time


More time, better relationships, a social life, great health & leisure... A sensation of flow... The right priorities and boundaries in place, essential for long-term fulfilment. No more never-ending sacrifice.


By truly finding the magic in their unique offering and simultaneously healing the underlying personal blocks, projected onto their businesses, our clients experience growth in the quality & quantity of clients, as well as in revenue.


Through overcoming life-long limiting patterns, clients are able to step up in who they authentically are as a woman and lead with confidence. They learn how to let go of stress sustainably, experience flow & access their intuition more consistently. 

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Great relationships start with great conversations.

Praise › Eva ⇢ Police Officer Training

✎ "Working with Isabelle in 2019 was a huge catalyst for growth. I managed to overcome patterns I was stuck with for over 20 years! Isabelle’s approach is unique as it’s highly individualised. Her academic background & certifications have not undone her intuitive heart with which she leads every encounter. She sees what you need, when you need it and leaves no stone unturned. My relationships & my career are soaring! The fact you can speak to her from home in your sweat pants + the fact that she works in a way that allows her to accommodate for my busy schedule are amazing add-ons."

Coaching Team

Both Life and Business Coaching, closely tied together to support your 360° transformation !

Meet Isabelle

She has 7 years of experience as Psychologist & Transformational Coach. Originally from Belgium, she has lived in 5 different countries before settling in Portugal and she has travelled many more. What truly catalysed her passion for healing & personal growth, was a dire personal struggle with body image, self-worth & food in her early twenties.

Through her own process, she discovered what worked & didn't work in her traditional education. She went on a quest for bigger truths & bolder transformational ways to bring about change in clients' lives.

She has trained in many holistic modalities, including teachings from spiritual masters and has a specialty in female leadership & thriving, but her coaching evolves around 1 thing only: YOU.

She works highly individualised & is very attuned to the vast differences in what works for people. Over the years she has developed intuitive skills, which really deepens her work & creates rapid growth. She is here to help you see what you can't see, go deep within your shadows and unblock trauma into expansive growth.

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Meet Alexis

He worked in 7 European countries and cumulates 7 years experience in Digital Transformation, Customer Experience & Innovation with corporate, startups and individuals.

In his personal life, Alexis is an Emotional Manifestor, he has been into personal development for 16 years and he researched & experienced many alternative healing approaches.

While his design thinking mindset enables creative confidence, his wisdom related to the natural laws and the law of attraction will facilitate more conscious creation and magic in your life!

He is the perfect strategic advisor to enable both Creative Strategy & Magic Growth for more flow in business.

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Great relationships start with great conversations.

Praise › Natie ⇢ Music maker 

✎ "Alexis is my go-to ressource whenever I’m building a project. His approach encompasses all aspects of the human experience. While he’s not a professional musician himself, his curiosity and open-minded approach allows him to give me insights I don’t get elsewhere. Alexis's methods truly encourages me to understand and lead my projects from inside out. Every advice, discussion or exercise serves the next step, and next project.

Growing in that environment feels like one constantly expanding journey, as opposed to isolated successes."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Normally, our intuitive business coaching, events and retreats can be considered a business expense. Please verify with your own tax authorities as we cannot account for country specificities.  

We know that a longterm coaching engagement can sometimes feel daunting, but it is one of the most powerful decisions you can take for yourself.

With us, you commit to either a 3 month, 6 month or 9 month program. In the first month, after having a deeper understanding of how we work, you are free to cancel. Afterwards however we do not allow cancellation for the mere reason that it would do a disservice to your process. In coaching we may encounter resistance & blocks- these are natural parts of the game.

Special circumstances for refunds or cancellations are of course considered in the contract.

The market of coaching & self-development is rich in offering. It can feel very overwhelming and honestly, we understand: we have been there too. 

When we were seeking support from someone, we have found over time that there are 3 important factors that will determine the success of the experience: 

- has the practitioner developed a certain skillset that will help me see what I can't see by myself? 

On our service you have Isabelle being Intuitively gifted when it comes to sensing her client's stuck emotions and Alexis being gifted when it comes to intellect and seeing patterns between your needs, your clients needs and the world's needs. 

Great coaches know that they don't have all the keys for everyone every time. We might send you somewhere else for an experience to unlock things on your own. We often offer our clients specific external practitioner sessions as part of the journey.  

- is the practitioner practicing and embodying what he/she preaches?

The best coaches are those who truly embody what they teach. In others words, what we help with is what we are deep-diving in full-time. 

In that sense, Coaches tend to be very active seekers and investors in their own growth. Their offer will improve while growing.

Isabelle and Alexis continuously invest in their own growth, and dedicate a lot of leisure time to the field as well. It's a real passion. They have both overcome their own struggles and are still expanding & learning every day. 

You generally don't see that in what we could coin " mindset coaches" or even in general psychotherapy.

- is the practitioner really present during our sessions? 

You might think it's crazy, but we don't believe that most of the market offers high-level presence & listening during coaching sessions.

Do you think someone can have high level empathy while doing session after session, listening for hours in a row?

On our side, we take on a minimum amount of clients to be able to give you maximum presence & attention. We reschedule if we can't deliver the level of presence necessary. Our standards are very high.

If you feel you pay a high price, remember that, to be able to deliver high-quality services and deeply impact your lives, coaches need to diminish client number and raise prices. You get what you pay for. We choose to go full in with our clients and remove all obstacles that could diminish the value of our relationship. 

The availability in-between the sessions is a perk that is priceless. You'll feel it when you hit a wall and you just have to message us. 

If you have other questions, related to this topic, book a free connection call! 


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