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E06: Reclaiming the feminine & speaking authentic truth with Dr. Sarah Coxon

Jun 18, 2020

This episode is for you if you're a woman that has been struggling to find her place in  business & career, cycling in bouts of low energy and feeling lost.

If you have a subtle internalised feeling of somehow being 'wrong' . If you feel you need to adapt to the ways of the world, but you get depleted & burnt out along the way. 

Authentic female leadership (the kind that makes you feel deeply alive & fulfilled, while changing the world) is not about learning the ways of the patriarchal systems and adapting to it. The current-day system is designed by men for men, and women are burning out 3 times as much in it. WHY? Because we're not allowed to be ourselves, as cyclical beings we simply do life differently.

When you start reclaiming your essence as worthy  and capable instead of trying to change it, when you  start radically  embodying who YOU are despite what anyone tells you you 'should' be, when you reclaim how YOU want  do life (which is often more intuitive, flowing and filled with pleasure & rest), you will be more powerful & impactful, able to make the system work for you or ... bend it.

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