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Sustainable high performance...

is only possible in environments & relationships based on safetybelonging.

Today, as we go through this global challenge, more than ever, your employees need to feel safe, supported & cared for by you, their employers. Nurture the heart of your company -your workforce- and establish the foundation for a company that is resilient and grows through change. In co-creation with Proteas & Peacocks, a corporate wellbeing experiences provider, we have established a program to help your employees flourish.

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From surviving to thriving 

Change is inevitable. Change is and always has been the only constant in the world and today... we're confronted with it head on. The problem is: humans generally don't react well to change. 

From lockdown to reintegration to other potential lockdowns... Thriving during change will be the name of the game. In the video on the left, we explain the mental & emotional affects of the Corona Crisis and elaborate on the challenges companies will face.

A company aiming to thrive, will need to address the emotional challenges that its employees are facing.

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In order to GROW through setbacks & change, we propose support programs,

co-created with your employees, tailor-made to your organisation. 

With 3 simple steps to get going:

1: Show You Care

 Create an online focus group to understand the needs of your employees.

2: Nurture Safety

Host a series of online group coaching sessions to address the questions gathered in step 1.

3: Share The Tools

Unlock budget for teams to get on-demand groups and individual stress relief practices.

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Using our resources that will keep the spring alive in your employees and build the resilience they need to sustain your company's goals. Wellbeing programs have up to 8:1 ROI (Deloitte, 2020), which may become an even bigger number in the years to come.

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We propose group Coaching session with semi-structured conversations to nurture safety, belonging & emotional intelligence.

  • Expectation resetting - a moment dedicated to align employee reality with management expectation
  • Turning stressors into growth - Leading with real, vulnerable conversations to face pain-points head on & learn to  transform them.
  • Reinventing business projects in times of crisis - a creative confidence workshop (for leaders)
  • Finding your joyful new normal - creating the optimal personal schedule to bring you in flow.
  • Parenting on steroids - the lockdown challenge of merging parenthood with professional life.
Mind-Body practices Yoga breathwork reiki ayurveda

Mind-Body practices

We offer the perfect mix of proven holistic practices to help calm the nervous system & build resilience.

  •  Yoga group lessons: for deep relaxation, creativity & connection with the body. Amongst which are included: parent-child yoga, yoga dedicated to women & deep meditations.
  •  Breathwork: intense breathing exercises, rebalancing the nervous system helping people reduce stress, anxiety & depression.
  •  Reiki with drum: a journey that helps people reconnect with themselves through conscious dreams. These sessions are relaxing and more importantly, give clients insights to help them resolve their own blockages.
  • Ayurveda : an ancient eastern approach to physical & mental health, helping you understand your specific body & health.

Our 4 Pillars for Well-Being

We've explored many approaches to feel well & grow in a balanced way. Our knowledge and experience include Holistic Psychology, Design Thinking with a mix between Modern Integrative Medicine and Ancient Healing modalities.

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Body Cleanse

with plant-based meals, healthy juices  and targeted wellness practices, we'll help your body get rid of accumulated toxins.

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Release Emotions

with powerful mind-body approach to unload the weight of past emotions, we'll help you go beyond past habits.

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Creative Confidence

by building actively what you desire & overcome your minds endless doubting. Manifest consciously your life!

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Self Realignment

with Holistic Psychology and Energy Practices to increase your access to the superconscious, unlocking your intuition.


Isabelle & Alexis are offering a unique mix of Coaching. Isabelle, as a Msc. Psychologist & transformational coach is an expert in unblocking you through intimate shadow work. Alexis, as a business coach catalyses your creative confidence and helps you create & implement a truly aligned business strategy.

With their positive mindset , enthusiasm and their warm personality, they know how to touch people. A couple who has learned by trial and error how to combine a successful business with spiritual growth in a peaceful way.

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We piqued your interest? Are you wondering if our approach can help solve your problem? Have a look in the below calendar and book an informal digital coffee chat with Alexis. Click on the time that fits your schedule in order to receive Zoom meeting details.

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