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E07: Intuitive eating, the tough questions with Isabelle Ysebaert

Jul 13, 2020

In this episode I explain what intuitive eating is, how & why it can help you... How it helped me, (I am a certified intuitive eating counsellor) and I answer some of the common TOUGH questions everybody asks.

Pfhiew, I loved recording this, you will get a full picture of what intuitive eating can mean for you & learn new things, even when you have been on this journey for a while.

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If you feel like going deeper , come and book a free INTUITIVE CONNECTION CHAT with me.

I will help you see where you are at, what is unconsciously blocking you and what the next steps are. You can book right into my calendar if you see a fitting moment (here under) or contact me on [email protected]


Books I recommend:

  • The Fuck it Diet from Caroline Dooner,
  • Just Eat It from Phd Laura Thomas,
  • Intuitive Eating from Evelyn Tribole & Elise Resch

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