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How to be “Full of Joy” during the Holiday season


If you’re cruising this blogpost, then I’m going to assume that the holiday season may be not all that ‘jolly’ all the time …  We try to focus on love, joy, gratitude, and togetherness. And yet, when family and friends congregate, we sometimes experience something else as well: STRESS!

You’ve got holiday events and meals to plan, attend, and clean up. Presents to buy and budgets to keep. You’ve got family members coming together who are not used to each others’ style. Kids with tantrums. And you feel this pressure to make the holidays what everybody wants them to be. If on top of that you are worrying about food and potential weight gain, there’s not much joy and togetherness left to rejoice in…

But there is a way to navigate the holidays while maintaining your balance and having fun!


1. Honor how you feel

If you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or are in emotional pain,...

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Why you need to forget about the concept of sugar or food addiction


I’ve spent most of my life thinking I can not be trusted around sugar, cakes, chocolate, etc. Once I ate one treat, I’d feel such a big pull to have a second, a third, etc... Day after day … Later on, in the midst of my chronic dieting this seemed to broaden to any kind of ‘food’ that was delicious to me. The list of trigger foods became longer and longer. When I consistently failed to control my weight over an 8 year period, it was pretty easy to conclude that I was “very addicted” to sugar and to food in general. I would be horrified when someone would bring cookies into the house...

And I was bummed! Addiction to food seemed like the worst of all, because food is everywhere, you can not practice “food abstinence”. In fact, on many occasions, like Xmas you are ‘expected’ to eat addictive foods. It’s like people would put a nice plate of cocaine in front of a drug abuser and expect them to enjoy it with...

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Change? YES you can. But why you probably think you can't...


You’ve tried so much already, read so many books, maybe you even understand rationally all the details of how and why you’re at where you’re at.

And still. Nothing changes. No resolution, peacefulness or joy anywhere in sight.

You may feel like vomiting when seeing yet another coach talk about their great achievements in life, overcoming the struggle and feeling amazing, living a ‘supposed’ dream life.

“Well, this is just not possible for everyone” you think. “And they’re annoying as f*ck, making us believe it is.”

Have you lost hope? Settled for a life that doesn’t feel good from the inside out? Buried your dreams under the sand?

“We must accept finite dissappointment, but never lose infinite hope” – Martin lr King


Listen up Beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with you, you just haven’t found what clicks yet. And here’s why:

 A human beings’ behavior is determined by...

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Older, still worthy. The only reason to use face app is this.


Re- the face app old filter and the conversations I've been hearing between women. Some thoughts I'd like to share...

Yes, you will age.

If you’re lucky.

You will know what sagging skin is.

You will have wrinkles in places you didn’t think possible.

You will show the signs of having lived a full life.

I hope you do.

A life of love and loss, of exhilarating joy and excruciating pain, of overcoming things you never thought possible…

But tell me, Beauty, will you fight against your body in the process once more?

Will you buy into society’s messages, subliminally portraying that an ageing woman loses value?

Will you google “-natural?-anti-aging” in an attempt to win some twisted competition to beat nature?

Will you equate your worthiness to how well you age, will you fear the mirror?

You can either bend to the rules of society, buy into the illusion, fund the botox money machine and be ruled by insecurity, fear & lack


make society bend to...

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Truly nourish your body


Do you know that the average 'healthy' yoghurt drink contains more sugar than an entire bar of dark chocolate? If you do : congratulations, you have figured out the insidious ways the food marketing deceives you and your longterm health.  If you don't, read on to be enlightened and motivated to take matters into your own hands.

Only tackle nutrition with the right mindset.

As a convicted anti-diet activist and body positivist, I will never tell anybody how or what to eat. Do you want to eat pizza every night: please enjoy and don't you dare feel an ounce of guilt about it!  The scale does not define you! It is however a proven fact that nutrition has an enormous impact on your life quality and even the way you think, so if you do choose to change your food intake, and you choose to do it for the right reasons it can have an enormous beneficial impact on your mind and body. BUT, I repeat, you need to do it for the right reasons, you need to...

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Start a revolution & wear that bikini anyway.


Summer is out in Europe! That means sun & heat, socials and a lot of sweating…

It’s also that time of the year when legs, arms & bellies arise from the depths of their winter sleep: white, tender and shy our limbs face the sun again and… the eyes of the other. 

For many women, the first rays of sun announce work to be done. We can’t just put on some bikini and jump in the sea, can we? We retreat in our bathrooms in a quest to be socially acceptable :

Shaving, waxing, scrubbing, moisturizing.

Then we look in the mirror and check out our bodies. Cause not just any body is welcome in a bikini, is it? A wave of disgust shivers through many a girl, checking out her belly, her thighs, the rounding of her butt, the quality of her skin and the mother of it all: her cellulite.

Begs the question: who ever decided that our raw-unworked bodies are unworthy of being seen and more importantly:

Why do we keep believing them? Collectively?

I was one of those...

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The only detox you need is a media detox


If you’re born and raised as a woman in western society, chances are you haven’t escaped the Detox craze. Juice cleansing, water fasting, colon cleanses, etc etc… We are overloaded with the message that we need a detox to fix ourselves.

We’re told our bodies get dirty on the inside, and we’re also told our bodies are incapable of cleaning up the dirt. So, our poor helpless dirty bodies, victims of their harsh environment, need to get one hell of a push.

The promised results besides… obviously…’weight loss’… are ‘glowing radiant skin’, ‘no more dark circles around the eye’, ‘tons of energy’, a ‘reset’, “health & vibrance” and many more… In addition, I read many times that if your body is ‘dirty on the inside’, it will never release its excess weight. And for many women, nothing quite rings the alarm bell like that message.

I myself...

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A lesson from Paris about beauty

I'm going to get a bit personal here, so buckle up... :) I'm living in Paris these days because my partner is going to work here for a couple of months. For those of you who don't know me: I'm originally a belgian, (yeah chocolate) but a year ago I made the beautiful Portuguese countryside my home together with my love. It was easy to fall in love with the yoga pants, beach and sea kinda lifestyle, the fresh air and the overwhelming presence of nature are a true luxury. But being back in a city environment has sparked some thinking ... Changing environments always challenges me and shows me the cracks in my Mind. 

It's no secret that Paris is the capital of beauty... If you think about Paris,  I think we can all muster up a vision of an elegant french lady walking quickly on high heels past the Haussman buildings, accordeon tunes in the background. Everything here seems to be done elegantly: walking, talking, aging, eating,... And it was fascinating how...
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Help, I binge! An expert view on binge eating.


An overpowering urge for food together with guilt & shame, topped with a huge amount of self-loathing...

And suddenly... Something snaps and there's no food in the house that's safe anymore from your deep, wild hunger. Does that sound familiar to you? For many, it feels like something just takes over and goes wild on all the food they know they "shouldn't" be eating. For others it's more planned out, they go to the supermarket to stock on all the foods they restricted themselves from, only to devour it all alone in one sitting at home.

In whatever way you go about it, there is something very important you generally don't realise in the midst of beating yourself up for 'failing' and having 'no discipline'... A binge is simply 'a release'. A release of a huge build-up of tension. A binge is a cry for help, something deep inside that you just can't stand it anymore and rebels against the unfair treatment.

Every behaviour we engage in, however painful or destructive, is serving us...

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Emotional eating & Stress: The Feeling Revolution


STRESS! We all experience it in our lives. It's the buzzword of our times. We seem to be living in an era that is VERY stress-ful and the statistics show we're pretty lousy at coping... We generally know what healthy coping looks like, but in practice Food is by far the most commonly used way - next to smoking- to soothe, distract and numb ourselves from our discomfort.

So what's that all about and are we doomed to continuously stress-eat in reaction to challenging events in our life? I remember I used to fear big changes and challenging tasks because it would mean I would gain weight... I thought the only way I could ever have the body I wanted is when I would live a peaceful, uneventful, 'perfect' routine life, without all the continuous ups and downs. I figured : "I'm just an emotional eater and I always will be, I'm destined to gain weight in the face of challenge"

Talk about a limiting belief!... Boy, do I wish I could tell young Isabelle...

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